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Trouble Shooting and Rework

Our rework technicians have 4 year degrees and an average of 10 years of experience. Because of this depth of experience with all types of assemblies we are able to communicate well with your people, problems and concerns for maintaining a quality product that can be consistently reproduced. 

Capabilities include:

  • Reading and trouble shooting at the schematic level
  • BGA rework (using a PACE TF-2000 BGA rework Station)
  • Pad and Trace repair
  • Reballing BGAs

Other Services

Box Builds - In addition to PCB assembly, Newonics offers complete assembly and packaging of the final product.  Our services include labeling and serialization, conformal coating, programming, final test and configuration, and adding documentation.  We are ready to handle all types of fasteners and assembly needs.

Conformal Coating – We have a conformal coating lab equipped with a conformal coating robot and UV cure oven.

Wiring and Cable Harness - Newonics can assist you with custom bulk wire stripping, custom cables, crimping, and heat shrinking.

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